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Absolutely. I happen to be six months pregnant with my first child and still enjoy a healthy intimacy.

However, lying on the stomach is discouraged. Rather prop yourself up with pillows at the back, the head, and the feet (as pregnancy advances) to balance circulation, or alternatively surround yourself in a blanket mound. Sitting upright (lap sex) is strangely discouraged; if you happen to lose your balance, an averagely-endowed (or greater) partner will definitely injure the delicate environment of your body.

The recommended position for advanced-pregnancy sex is on the side with the belly not covered by anything weighty, and rough treatment is discouraged.

It aids one's care to think of the baby as a newly-blossoming flower kept in a pot. You wouldn't take it on a roller coaster (rough sex), but you could easily hold it in your lap while you rode in a carriage (a calm, attentive intimacy, which for many of us is standard).

In short, if you don't have the kind of intimate contact that could be adequately described as "triple X throw-downs", and there are no toys involved, typically sex is fine if you adjust the position to accommodate the baby.

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