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Definitely Not!

Breast Feeding is a natural function of the body towards it's young. --Now lets see, can you get hypoglycemia out of sleeping, breathing, eating, drinking, sneezing, urinating, thinking, looking, etc.?

Of course not.

There is certainly no scientific link with hypoglycemia and breastfeeding. Now that doesn't mean you'll eat whatever, go on about life like nothing ever happened if you are diabetic. As it is a woman who just had a baby needs to eat well regardless even if she isn't breastfeeding. If she is breastfeeding she needs to drink more fluids!

Many women have made the mistake of turning picky after the baby is born, to decrease the weight gain from pregnancy and have ended up anemic. I would believe they assume that because they're not breastfeeding, they can't lose anything but a little weight. That's not the case, pregnancy is a very depleting phase in your mechanism, replenishing from lost nutrients while pregnant is still needed.

A person wakes up in the morning and trips over his sleepers and goes to the doctor, to find he's suffering this type of diabetes; ends up blaming it on tripping on his sleepers when he woke up...

...Sounds logical? Well, just as logical as thinking breastfeeding can cause hypoglycemia.

If you are diabetic, follow your doctor's advice on how to take care of yourself while breastfeeding, a diabetic woman can certainly breastfeed her infant; I have honestly never heard of any woman depriving her baby of lactation due to diabetes!

More Information About Hypoglycemia and Breastfeeding Edit

 "Mothers who breastfeed potentially experience accelerated weight loss
 a lower risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and a lower risk of type 2
 diabetes than mothers who do not breastfeed."

I'm answering the question - can breastfeeding cause hypoglycemia?

When my milk came in when my baby was 5 days old, I collapsed and was rushed to emergency. They found my blood sugar was low. I already have low blood sugar and am on an insulin zone diet that includes no sugars. We believe that the body took more sugars than I could cope with for my milk supply, and I've had worse troubles with hypo's since breastfeeding and have to keep my sugars up now. Breastmilk has a lot of sugar in it. So my experience was that it does make hypoglycemia worse.

I'm answering the question - can breastfeeding cause hypoglycemia?

It may not be your original cause of blood sugar issues, but breastfeeding can 100%, ABSOLUTELY affect your blood sugar levels and make hypoglycemia worse. From what I understand, breastmilk requires a lot of sugar and depletes your blood glucose quickly, sending you into hypoglycemia if you're not on top of what you're eating. I have lived it now with two babies and it is a nightmare trying to control blood sugar while breastfeeding. It can be done, but it is difficult.

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