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She said she's had stomach pains all her life...or so her mother has told her. Recently though they have been acting up and have been a little severe. Back in about May ish is when they started and lasted a couple months and have started back up recently a few months ago only five times worse. She says that back in May she used the morning after pill about a week after she found out ...more of her boyfriends idea actually ... since then she's only had sex once and it was unprotected but she's certain that he is clean. The pain is quite severe and she says it's the whole stomach and not just one part. LIke someone is stabbing and scratching at her from the inside. She doesn't do drugs or drink alcohol and doesn't take prescription drugs or diet pills or anything like that.

Says her periods happen at random times...last one was about June.

When she has the pains she throws up multiple times during the she said it's been about 10 times.

Her mother won't take her to a doctor because of monetary issues and I've offered to help...but she's a bit stubborn.

Is there anyone out there who has had experience with this type of pain...has had it or know someone else who has?

Please take medical advice from the World Wide Web (WWW) with caution, especially advice from sites like this one where people with no medical knowledge may edit. Some of the advice will be excellent, but other items will be wrong and following that advice without checking can be dangerous. Consider the source.

Your friend needs to see a doctor. Even if there were nothing else wrong, throwing up that often can be dangerous. You don't say where (what country) you are in, but many places have special, free or low-cost medical care available for children. For instance in the United States, minors (anyone under 18) is probably eligible for several programs.

Monetary issues are probably not the problem here. Ignorance of available programs, fear of the medical system or something else may be. Your friend is old enough to seek out medical care on her own, if she can't convince her mother that she needs care.

The stomach pains could be many different things, anything from nervousness to allergies to an ulcer. Some of these things could be easily cured, but if left untreated could be dangerous. An irregular period is fairly common for a 17 year old -- especially if she has weight (low or high) issues, but it could also be a symptom of a larger problem.

Vomiting frequently can mess up your electrolytes -- again potentially very dangerous, can harm your throat and teeth, and cause other problems.

Check into free or low-cost medical programs for minors. Someplace like Planned Parenthood could probably refer you or your friend to such programs or other good sources of information as well as providing advice and education about contraception, so your friend doesn't end up pregnant and sick or get sexually transmitted diseases.

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