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Thank You For Your Votes Edit

The poll has now ended! We want to thank you for your efforts in helping us choose, there was a tie and the admins have decided to take a pick out of the one that they think will be best for the Wiki's growth. We have agreed to choose the baby-yellow background, to facilitate reading the text. These are the polls statistics:

If you voted in this poll and disagree with our decision, please let us know what your views are. Which would you have chosen and why? Click on the "edit" sign next to the one you would have chosen and tell us why, any suggestions are also appreciated!!!

Sample 1: Light baby blue background Edit

Sample 2: Light baby pink background Edit

Sample 3: Light baby green background Edit

Sample 4: Light baby yellow background Edit

Original Poll (Voting Not Allowed Anymore) Edit

Hello, we have been working really hard to make this Wiki a welcoming place for parents to ask questions and find answers. We want to thank you for visiting us, and ask you for a tiny favor! Will you please help us choose our homepage design? We have four samples, of what we'd like the "Inquiring Moms" homepage to be. Only one little problem! It's hard to choose which one looks best! :)

Can you help us choose?

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