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There is really no accurate symptom that tells you that you're pregnant for a fact, except 2 little things that are almost never wrong:

  • Your areolas get very dark. (very noticeable in lighter skin women)
  • The absence of your period.

Many woman could swear that there are other "reliable" symptoms. Me, having been pregnant 3 times can tell you, everything else can be misleading and you could be very much, NOT pregnant. The following are symptoms that most women can face, that do not necessarily mean that she is pregnant:

  • Uterine cramps. -Some women believe that the cramping they are feeling is the uterus getting ready to accommodate the baby but they can also mean that your uterus is contracting due to the upcoming period.
  • Spotting. -Some women may take random spotting before their periods as implantation bleeding. There are many reasons why a woman might experience spotting, they are not always implantation. If your spotting is not bright red (its brown) and its not accompanied by mucus, then it is not implantation. For implantation bleeding, wiping once or twice when you go to the bathroom should take care of the little droplets; if you have to do this too often in one day, disregard a pregnancy.
  • Nausea. -Again, your stomach may not like certain food you ate, a stomach virus can give you nausea also; besides this early its quite unlikely. Nausea is likely after the 10th week of pregnancy, it might appear as early as the 8th week, but that's rare.
  • Headaches and Sleepiness. -A sign of stress, it can indeed happen but unless you find yourself napping on the job inadvertently when its "NOT like you" to fall asleep and you had a good night's rest, don't think that its always related to pregnancy. Some women have found themselves with anemia instead, when they were expecting a plus sign :(

Now take a look at the Parent's Guide to 13 Signs that could indicate you're pregnant. DO NOTE that it has 3 out of 5 stars, because lots of those symptoms are indeed misleading.

Good luck!!!

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