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Depends on the color and smell of the discharge. A pregnant woman may have discharge throughout the pregnancy. It is very normal to have clear discharge. It is important that you don't mistake discharge for urine however, some women may drip some urine as the baby puts pressure on the bladder. Panty liners or protectors are very recommended for pregnant women.

The following is not normal and you should proceed to giving your OB/GYN a call:

  • Any discharge with foul smell - may indicate STD or vaginal infection
  • Yellow vaginal discharge - may indicate vaginal infection
  • Pink vaginal discharge - may indicate your cervix is weakening or irritated
  • Cheesy looking vaginal discharge - may indicate vaginal yeast infection (very common in pregnancy)
  • Bloody vaginal discharge - may indicate several things:
    • your cervix has opened up
    • you could be having a miscarriage
    • could indicate placenta-previa
    • a very SMALL percentage of women get their period while pregnant, this needs special attention

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