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I started a chore chart for my daughter. Each day she has tasks to complete that are fairly simple, getting dressed on her own, putting on her pj's, brushing her teeth (has to be done am and pm to get a star), taking her dishes to the kitchen after each meal, and making her bed. I only expect her to put her stuffed animals away and pull the sheet and comforter up over the pillows; it doesn't have to look perfect. Then she has weekly chores, bringing her dirty cloths hamper to the laundry room, putting away her clean cloths, clean up her bedroom, clean up her play room. For each daily chore she earns 5 cents, for each weekly chore she earns 25 cents. If she is naughty, she gets a frowny face and looses 50 cents. If she is especially good, she can earn a smiley face that's worth $1. She earns an average of $10 a month and can use it for buying toys or save it to go to a fabulous indoor playground near our home.

She is 5 now and we've had the chart for almost 2 years, started it shortly after her third birthday. We have modified the chores based on her skill level. I use a dry erase calendar board so that I can reuse it each month. It's part of her bedtime routine. We get the board out before she goes upstairs and mark the stars for the chores she did that day. When we mark the weekly chores, I also add up her weekly total.

This has been great for us! I get the help I need keeping the house clean and she has learned sooo much! She has pride in doing a good job. She has learned the value of money. And it's a great disciplinary tactic! She HATES losing money with the frowny faces, so she really thinks twice before she does something she knows will make her get one.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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