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Remember that infants must be kept out of the sun entirely, while children with light skin will burn easily. If the child is not exposed to direct sunlight, sunscreen is not usually necessary. Children should be encouraged to play in the shade wearing good protective clothing. Sunscreen use does not allow an increase in the time spent in sunlight.

Make sure you use enough sunscreen; half a handful (approximately 20ml) is usually enough for the child's entire body. Remember that some sunscreens come off through contact with water, sweating or rubbing with a towel. Re-apply sunscreen several times during a day in the sun. Keep children out of the sun between 10am and 2pm, when the sun's rays are at their strongest.

Five things to remember: -Small children should always be kept in the shade. -Avoid the sun between 10am and 2pm. -Stay in the shade as much as possible. -Good protection is provided by light clothes and a hat. -Children should be given sunscreen with a high SPF.

What you should know about sunscreen: -There are several different ways to specify a lotion's sun protection factor (SPF), so remember to check which system is being used when you buy a sunscreen. For example, American SPF numbers are usually twice as high as the SPF numbers on European products. This means that an American SPF 8 sun cream is in fact equivalent to European SPF 4. Ask the pharmacist if you are in doubt. -Re-apply suncreen several times during the day. -Remember that even when it is cloudy, 30 to 50 percent of the ultraviolet rays can still reach us, depending on how overcast the weather is.

What to do if a child gets sunburn: -Always consult a doctor if a small child or baby has been sunburnt. -Consult a doctor if blisters or a rash appear. -Consult a doctor if the skin is very red and painful. Consider calamine lotion to cool sunburn. -Cool the sunburnt area in tepid water (approximately 25ºC) for 30 minutes to an hour. -Be careful the child does not get cold. -A pharmacist will be able to provide advice about aftersun products, some of which may be useful for cooling and remoisturising the skin.

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