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Before the article starts i want to ask why r inquiring moms looking into bestiality???

And for whoever posted this comment "Yaaay for safe sex <3" i have a question. WHAT ARE U FUKING ZOOPHILIAC?

Some people are really closed-minded and ignorant when it comes to Bestiality, which is unfortunate because I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of.

Bestiality is not what I would call common, but it's definitely not unheard of either.

STDs: <-- there is a list, although I'm not sure how inclusive that is, of many zoonotic diseases transmitted through sexual contact. All of the diseases listed can be transmitted through dogs except Cysticercosis, which is pigs only.

I don't see any problem with bestiality other than these diseases, and of course it's important to be sure you're not hurting the animal, because then that's just rape.

Yaaay for safe sex <3


Pregnancy is possible. When i was about 40 years old, I had a sexual relation ship with my dads dog. A few month later i saw that it had grown fuking big. a few months after that i gave birth to 5 humanlike creatures. And i was just like X TO THE MOTHERFUKING D. XD.

Details about reproduction:

And a list of number of chromosomes of various organisms here:

And here are some recommed sites/videos for some of that goood beastiality sex.



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