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I taught at a school in Ca. It is true that the schools are limited in what they do to protect other kids from being bullied. Several of the answers were very appropriate. Most important thing would be to document each and every incident. I would then (as someone said) write a letter to the school with pictures of marks, along with any statement of your child. Send it registered or certified mail to the school, the teacher, and the superintendent. If there are marks on your child, I would immediately file a police report and send that in the certified letter. Request a response to the letter and a meeting with all parties involved to find a way to solve the issue. What many people do is complain and try to resolve it on their own, but nothing will happen until someone gets really hurt. You need to demand that a plan be put in place to protect your child. If this does not happen, you will file suit. Make sure everything is in writing. Have your child seek counseling (not through the school). if you do not have the money to pay for it, then find a place that charges on a sliding scale or will give free services. Bring the counselor to your school to represent your child. Do not wait for the school to take any action. It could take forever or not happen at all.

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