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Hi! In answer to your question, a Doula is the one that provides emotional support and coaching to the woman in labor. She is there to help the mother focus, relax, and enjoy the birthing experience, to embrace it so to speak. She is also there to provide the partner (dad) with a chance to experience the birth in a different way too, as he can focus on what's going on and not just strictly on the woman's needs...which I think is a great idea. A Midwife is the one that would perform any medical tasks. She would check your cervix, catch the baby, assess you and the child, etc. She is responsible for knowing when there is a problem, etc. In my humble opinion, both are great. If you are looking to give birth at home, I recommend hiring both...if you plan to deliver in a hospital or birthing center, you probably only need the doula, as the facility would provide you with the medical staff. A doula does not test anything, or provide any medical intervention, so I recommend having a midwife at home as opposed to a doula if you can't have both :) In any case, congrats on your decision and don't let anyone tell you you can't when that time comes for you!