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Remember a birth plan is about you , your partner and your ability to help birth your child. Your birth plan should only include things you wish for/want to occur or not to occur during your labor. I always suggest asking/interviewing your labor department about their procedures and process before you begin to make your plan. I would include your plans for pain control during the stages of labor and what pain control you plan on using, if any. Perhaps you don't want outside noise or someone speaking to you during a contraction. Be sure that is included. It should also include your plans for staying in bed/ iv usage/blood draws and any plans for your newborn - for example if you have a boy are you refusing your child to have sugar water, circumcision, certain swaddling techniques etc. I also suggest looking around for a birth doula. Many are free and are there as an outside person with YOU and baby first in their mind. Sometimes when things get hectic, if you don't have someone there to REMIND others of your wishes, things can happen before you realize what is going on. CONGRATS!