Ask on Inquiring Moms

We want to thank you for your inquisitive approach, however some questions can not be answered and therefore will be directed here, such as:

  • Asking or giving personal information:
    • Real name and last name
    • Personal government number or social security number
    • Address, phone, cell phone numbers
    • MSN account, Facebook account, email address, etc.
  • Questions that contain profane language
  • Content not allowed in Wikia
    • Advertising any commercial website
    • SPAM
    • Vandalism
  • Questions about prohibited illegal content
    • Adult content
    • Pornographic content

There are other reasons why your question might be directed here which are not mentioned above, that doesn't make them exempt from the fact that they can't be answered in a collaborative and orderly manner.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

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